How to sell cleaning products online?

Need for cleanliness will always be present, cleaning supplies will always be products that are selling easy and quick. Since this pandemic started, people started buying cleaning supplies like crazy. It is a big responsibility for these companies, and they need to be very careful with production and marketing. Constant change and keeping up with trends are challenging nowadays. 

Best selling cleaning products 

  • Dishwashing products

Dishwashing products are probably the top-selling products in this industry. Something you use daily will sell quickly. Because almost everyone is at home now, eating and drinking (it doesn’t involve alcohol) are some activities you do all the time. So, dishwashing soap is a product you will use every single day. As much as you use it, you are spending the same amount. That means you are probably going to buy that product more frequently than any other. If you are thinking about selling this type of product, your future is very bright. 

  • Magic erasers

Magic erasers are sponges that are made out of melamine foam. At first, people were using them as soundproofing material. Until someone figured out another use for this product. Since someone made this sponge out of melamine foam, it is also suitable as a polishing cleaner. Because of this material, when mixed with water, the sponge acts like sandpaper that helps you remove any dirt from any surface. This product can come in handy if you have kids in the house; I hope you can agree with me on this one.

  • Disinfecting wipes

Pretty self-explanatory. This product wouldn’t have been popular if the pandemic didn’t hit us all. These wipes are used to disinfect any surfaces, and they are also used to remove any bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

  • Laundry detergent

Same as dishwashing detergent, really useful and needed, unless you are nude all the time. Clothes get dirty pretty quickly. No matter what you are doing, even when you are just lying in bed not doing anything, clothes will get smelly. But, using laundry detergent helps you clean your clothes daily.

  • Septic tank cleaning products

It’s essential to talk about this. Using the right chemicals can save you a lot of trouble, like:

  1. disruption of  balance in your septic tank that can have a lot of consequences 
  2. some products can cause damage to that tank
  3. clogging up
  4. ground pollution, and more.

To prevent this, be thoughtful about what products you want to use. Products that are very strong and have phosphates should be avoided. Household bleach is OK if it’s used in moderation. Most products that contain ammonia should be suitable for septic tank cleaning. Water-based cleaners should also be good. But if this is a bit confusing for you, try looking for a product with packaging that says they are for septic tank cleaning. 

How to build an online cleaning supply store

If you want to sell cleaning supplies from home, these are a couple of things you have to do:

  • Pick a niche

Picking an ideal product for your company is crucial. Based on your audience, it should be pretty easy to decide what product you want to sell and what group you want to attract.

  • Promote your online store

When you choose your niche product, now you can focus on marketing. Market your product by writing accurate descriptions of your product like ingredients, where it comes from, and so on. Or you can try promoting on social media.

According to Alpha Efficiency, cleaning supplies are an eCommerce niche on the rise.

What buyers expect from cleaning supplies

  1. Performance

While cleaning can be time-consuming, it doesn’t have to be hard if proper products are used. Usually, natural products sell the best. But don’t get discouraged; think about an innovative product with unique packaging. Even though your product must stand out on the rack, your product should also prove everything stated on the package. 

  1. Easy usage

Many people live busy lifestyles, so they are looking for products that are pretty easy to use. Something that proves my point is cleaning wipes. As I mentioned above, cleaning wipes are easy to use. So try making products close to that category. Household cleaning supplies that are multi-practical are the best-selling products. People who are aware of their spendings will look for easy-to-use supplies that don’t have only one function.

  1. Environmental awareness

Nowadays people are more aware of pollution and how it has an impact on our planet. People are using products made out of natural materials, products that people can recycle, products that are not animal tested, etc. 

  1. Fragrance

A pleasant smell is something that draws buyers to your products. Let us take laundry detergent as an example for this topic. When you go to the shop to pick out the laundry detergent, you grab one, open the cap and smell it. Why? Because you want your clothes to smell good. You are not going to buy something that smells bad, and that is a fact.

  1. Aesthetics and packaging

Just like fragrance, this is an essential aspect of a product. The first thing that you are attracted to is how something looks. If you walk into a store and see that a product has excellent packaging, you are immediately drawn to it. So think about the packaging first and then focus on the smell. Even though your packaging can be great, maybe your fragrance isn’t, so getting both of them right is a win-win situation for you.

  • Throughout this and last year, cleaning products are on the rise. If you choose this branch, you will make money quickly. Following the industry criteria and necessary laws of each country and region is crucial for chemical businesses. Handling chemical product information is a complicated task that involves a substantial amount of technical data. It demands a fully comprehensive management system to guarantee the flexibility of production methods and the quality of the information provided to suppliers and consumers.

Final thoughts

These products will never fade; they can only fluctuate from time to time. Blockchain-based eCommerce platforms are great if you are wondering where to sell your products.