Guidelines to help you feel more at ease and assured when shopping for high-quality stock images

Simply searching Google or Yahoo for «purchase stock photos» may return thousands of results from websites offering to sell you their images. Many of those thousands will boast that they are the best. But how do you know whether the source you’re buying from is the best, if the image size you’re looking at is right and if the quality is good enough to warrant the cost?

Optimal Image Size Selection

Typical image sizes range from the exceedingly small (281 x 472), which is about similar to 3 x 4 inches, to the extremely huge (4550 x 3742), which is around 15 x 12 inches. How you want to put it to use is a major factor in determining how big it needs to be.

Part Two: Assessing Picture Quality

Determining image quality may be a little more challenging than it should be for those of us who are not particularly familiar with the digital photography industry. A seasoned photographer would advise you to pay attention to the resolution and dpi (whatever those abbreviations stand for) if you ask them about it. Professional photographers have their standards for judging a photograph’s quality, but the rest of us can apply the same criteria.

Here are some things to bear in mind when investigating the web:

Regarding the copyright of, you ideally want to use public domain images. When using images, you should avoid being slowed down by excessive copyright restrictions; yet, it is inevitable that you may come into certain restrictions.

The ability to make your own decisions is a hallmark of a high-quality website

In terms of pricing, the finest websites usually offer a variety of alternatives, from a single image to bundle packages, with an average price of around $2 per image (smaller size). Prices for these miniature sizes shouldn’t exceed $3 per, so if you come across higher ones, keep looking.

If you can’t reach a company’s customer support, don’t buy from them

A website that is confident in the quality of its photographs will gladly provide some form of satisfaction guarantee, even if it’s just the promise to give you your money back if the download is corrupted. This is because a 100% money-back guarantee shows customers that the company has faith in the quality of the images it sells.

It would be best if you read the fine print. In some cases, the fine print of those lengthy terms of service will hide traps for which you’ll need to be prepared.

Whenever you find a site useful to you, save it so you may easily access it again in the future. Once you’ve found a website that fits your needs, there’s no need to continue to look into others.

Easily available online

Artistic renditions based on these pictures could be featured on a website or other promotional materials. The idea licence for the acquired photos allows you to use them on an unlimited number of websites for an unlimited number of clients. There are lots of free web design templates you can find online. Particularly concerning royalties and non-royalty related goods and expenses, various usage limits are in effect. There are also requirements for the maximum allowed file size of uploaded images.

You should be aware that buying a high-resolution photo does not give you ownership rights to the photo. That photo is not yours to claim as your own in any way. No reproduction, redistribution, or resale of this photograph is permitted. If at all feasible, when using an image that does not belong to you, please provide credit to the agency that owns the image and the photographer who took the image.

Choose the galleries wisely

The best stock photography images and galleries worldwide are amassed and sold by companies that specialise in selling photographs. Once that is done, the photos and images are compiled into massive archives. These vendors also produce and sell moving images, still images, and other multimedia content and products. Some will also provide clients with the option to download digital music files.

Subscribing gives you access to not only the archived images but also the fresh photos, drawings, and vectors added daily. You can even pick a subscription plan that works within your budget. It doesn’t matter which company you choose to deal with; you’ll be quite pleased with the total number of photos and the overall quality of the pictures they capture. Some updates to your site will be long-term.


Finally, familiarising yourself with current copyright restrictions will help you avoid being taken advantage of by dishonest webmasters who demand payment upfront for limited use. If you keep these tips in mind when you shop, you’ll be set for success.