LuckyCrush Review: The Best Video Random Chat Site

There are lots of fun and entertaining things you can do online using your smartphone or other internet devices. The internet has made it easier for people from different corners of the globe to communicate. There are several fun and communication platforms you can access now. LuckyCrush is one of the best sites to try out.

What is LuckyCrush?

LuckyCrush is a video chat site for virtual flirting with random strangers. The particularity of LuckyCrush is that it connects men with random women and women with random men. The flirtation starts and ends on the site, in total anonymity. Users don’t meet in real life. It’s purely virtual and ephemeral. Do visit to enjoy the app.

How LuckyCrush Works

This particular platform utilizes a random generator that selects a person to chat with you. Men are normally paired with women, while women are paired with men. Upon registration, you have to set your gender to confirm whether you are male or female. This is what helps the random generator pair you with a member of the opposite sex.

You also have the option to snap through random persons by clicking the ‘next’ button. This makes it easy to choose a lucky male or female. You can chat with the random person, speak on camera, or do both at once. How well you chat with your random match determines the direction everything will take. Things will become easier as time goes by. You also need to be extra creative.

What you should understand about LuckyCrush is that it is not a dating site. You will chat with random people without having to meet in person. It is mostly meant for flirting, and you can chat with as many people as possible in a single day. The platform is currently optimized for straight people, so it is difficult to get a same-sex match. This does not mean the LGBTQ community has been left out. LuckyCrush team is working on a dedicated same-sex random chat site. 

The Safety of LuckyCrush

It’s always important to consider the safety of various platforms you will be using. This is to ensure your data is protected from any form of breach.

LuckyCrush only requires access to your camera. This is meant to facilitate your video chats. There is also an option to hide your face if you wish. You can easily communicate with others without showing your face. The only information to other members on this particular platform is your username. You don’t have to worry about any other information getting exposed. LuckyCrush does not allow you to share your private information when chatting. Your data is safe, and you will enjoy top-level anonymity when using the platform.

Balancing the Male to Female Ratio

Most communication and chatting platforms are usually dominated by males. This always makes it difficult to find random girls to chat with.

LuckyCrush has balanced the guys to girls ratio effectively. There is a set ratio of 50% girls to 50% guys. This makes the platform more interesting to use, and finding a match will be easier.

How to Register

Signing up for this platform is a simple task. You should first login to their site and click the ‘register’ option. Key in your email address, password, and preferred username before clicking the ‘register’ button. Once registered, you can click the ‘start chatting’ button to start random video chats with different people. LuckyCrsuh is only available from desktop or your mobile device. There is no app at the moment. 

Why You Should Choose LuckyCrush

There are several reasons why you should choose LuckyCrush for your online fun experience. One good thing about it is that it links you to people from various parts of the globe. You will flirt with random girls or guys from different countries. LuckyCrush is also a safe platform to use. You don’t have to worry about a data breach or your information getting exposed. There are also no costs incurred when using this particular platform. You just have to key in your details and start video chatting with your random matches. How about you try it out and enjoy the benefits.