How to Use PDF Format to Create Your Documents

You ever wondered when to use PDFs instead of Microsoft Word or many other formats? Well, don’t worry, we are going to tell you when using PDF format is best instead of other formats, including Microsoft Word.

Most documents require a perfect layout, airtight formatting, scanning, character recognition for the text locked within pictures. This is where you need a composing platform that performs all these functions without any confusion. PDF format is ideal for performing all these tasks without errors and mistakes. There are many PDF software like Sodapdf that help you to complete your task quickly and easily.

This article will run you through the perfect situations for using PDF.

1.      Share Important Files

When it comes to sharing certain files, documents, contracts, or papers, do you ever worry that your recipient may be able to edit the documents? Or alter the text of the contract or play around with its details? Similar to images and photos, one can secure his/her documents by locking the PDF files and using a password. Moreover, one can set permission to stop receipts from deleting, editing, copying, sharing, or printing documents.

When professionals and agencies share files or documents with their partners or clients, they can be sure their work will not be edited or plagiarized without the sender’s permission.  When you are creating legal documents, it is highly suggested that the file must be created in a format that cannot be altered without permission or entering the password.

2.      Creating a PDF Portfolio

Splitting or merging pages is a real struggle, but if you are doing it in PDF format, forget the pain. Pages and text in PDF documents are indexed and organized in a format that allows us to merge or split pages without disrupting the quality, layout, or the content of the original document.

Create a PDF portfolio out of different pieces of work by simply merging multiple PDF files into a single document. Make a candidate portfolio out of a cover letter, CV, reference letter, and many other work samples. Your potential employer will thank you for receiving file without scrambling through emails

 Creating PDF portfolios is also helpful when one considers the size and always easy to share and save. So if you find it helpful or useful for you and you are convinced that PDF is the real thing when it comes to creating documents.

3.      Preserving Document Format

Do you want to create your CV in a perfect format? Do you want to get text perfectly aligned? Do you want your invoice to look good enough to impress the employees? Then use PDF format to save your documents, and your work is done. No matter what system one is using to view a PDF file, its content and layout will remain intact.

As the name describes the PDF is a format that keeps documents in a manner no matter what application or operating system you are using. When it comes to styling and formatting, the document’s PDF format is what you need; you can choose any format of your choice that is best for your documents.