Ways How Interior Design & Home Décor Companies Could Leverage the Power of Instagram

In this highly digitalized era, we have easy access to the World Wide Web. Millennials are often in the habit of scrolling through their amazing Instagram feed leisurely on a Sunday morning. They love to glance through numerous stunning pictures of beautiful houses, lavishly done up rooms reflecting the expertise and aesthetic sense of home décor specialists. All of you are perpetually looking for brilliant home décor and interior design inspirations. Everyone is waiting to identify home décor that makes your home look aesthetically appealing and at the same time, warm and inviting.

Instagram has long been regarded as the ultimate destination for home décor specialists or interior designers. Instagram is a great marketing platform since it is a highly visual channel that boasts of abilities of subtle self-promotion and interaction. Even though several Instagram users are utilizing this vibrant social media platform to post selfies, Throwback Thursdays, or vacation photos, home décor, and interior designers have created a niche for themselves and a network dedicated to their profession. Instagram has given interior designers or home decorators the liberty to self-brand genuinely. Followers get an opportunity to glance through the inspiration process right from what they seem to be really passionate about. There should be consistency in posting schedules or frequency. Here are some tips so that home décor professionals could make Instagram work for them.

Identify a Goal

Chalk out a precise plan for Instagram just like you would be doing for other business projects. Initiate the process by identifying an overreaching goal, effective ways of measuring success, and proactive steps that you would be taking to achieve your goal. Your goal may be to boost brand awareness, so you may, for instance, aim to achieve a new Instagram follower every month. For achieving this goal, you should focus on boosting your overall Instagram following, comment, and liking activity as a whole. You may even consider setting an alarm that may serve as a reminder every day for checking the Instagram feed. In this context, you may get real comments on Instagram if you seek assistance from a reputed digital marketing company.

If you are thinking in terms of flaunting your credibility, you may request previous customers to provide feedback or reviews that you could post on Instagram. You could convince your industry associates to mention you in their posts or comments fortnightly. Having a clear-cut goal will be giving a sense of direction to all your Instagram posts and compel you to think twice while posting content on the platform. This goes a long way in enriching and uplifting the overall quality of your interior design and home décor business’s Instagram account.

Appropriate Content on Social Media

Your site is up and your online media profiles are shaking. Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to begin sharing and shooting your content out into the world. After your magnificent how-to articles have been distributed on your blog, compose a custom post for every social media stage and either timetable or post it to get more presentation.

The more eyes and snaps your article gets the initial hardly any long periods of it being on the web, the more probable it will rank on Google for keywords and get you considerably more traffic in the not too distant future.

In spite of the fact that there are reports showing that online media isn’t a compelling showcasing device for inside originators. As a general rule, this isn’t every bit of relevant information. The key is to pick which online media stages work for your business.

Follow the correct sort of People

In the event that you need your Instagram to zero in on bringing your business to follow individuals in your industry. The more you follow the audience in the inside plan specialty, the more your presents will show on them.

Inside plan advertising tips for Instagram and online media

Furthermore, attempt and ensure you just follow accounts

  • who you’d prefer to work with either as your customer or their client
  • that your optimal customers would follow
  • on the off chance that they rouse and advise you

The Instagram calculation works like a bug catching network of associations among you and the accounts it figures you ought to be associated with so ensure you disclose to it where you need to be seen.

In case you’re just interfacing with VIPs or your loved ones, you’re probably not going to increase any foothold and permeability in the specialty of the inside where you’d truly prefer to get seen.

Narrate a Story

Your Instagram profile should reflect your story of when, why, and how you started doing what you do. There are diverse types of posts for demonstrating this. You may post regarding the article you had read sometime back on Architectural Digest that serves as a motivation and inspiration for your project. You may share posts to express your appreciation or gratitude for the mentor or professor who has influenced and inspired you the most. 

There are countless stories to narrate and many effective ways of doing it, however, it is of pivotal importance to showcase your specific design process. You may rely on chronicling a project irrespective of its size, on which you and your team are toiling on. You may consider taking your target audience from the initial brainstorming session to designing sketches, to construction, to a well-decorated interior and finished space. Lead on to make your fans and followers enjoy the feeling of being special as they get the opportunity to get a sneak peek at moments from your home décor project you are currently working on. By sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, you could demonstrate to a prospective client, how your team of home décor professionals goes about doing your work. Your potential client would get an opportunity to see for himself what you do and specifically what all to expect from your home décor agency.

Stay Active & Engaged on Instagram

As per https://www.inc.com, if you are truly active in your home décor business account, then it would be staying relevant in the minds of your fans and followers on Instagram. Focus on posting pictures that are eye-catching and help in grabbing the attention of followers and motivate them to share. The best way of achieving active audience engagement is to ensure that your home décor company is providing both perfect design and great value. Always keep in mind that an image can speak volumes. Hence, ensure that you are using the perfect photos. You may consider responding to positive comments with an emoji or thank you for your posts. Keep demonstrating your appreciation for fellow interior designers whom you admire on a professional level. Make sure that you are using the right hashtags that are updated


You may follow the above-discussed tips to make sure that Instagram would work wonders for boosting your interior design projects. Remember to post regularly for building consistency and credibility.