5 Reasons Why You Should Make Cuba Your Next Holiday Destination

5 Reasons Why You Should Make Cuba Your Next Holiday Destination

Cuba has always been widely known for its world-class cigars, but it recently became a popular holiday destination among people from all walks of life. It has many beautiful things to offer while providing the best accommodation.

When stepping out of the plane to Cuba, it will feel like you came back in time. There are vintage cars on the streets, beautiful undisturbed sites, old brick roads beneath your feet, a fascinating culture, and amiable people.

If you want to know more before running to get a Cuban visit visa, or visado para Cuba as the locals call it, then look at these five reasons below.

Living Show of Vintage Cars

Because of the embargo placed on cars and their parts in 1960, the Cuban streets are filled with old vintage models. You will hardly be able to see any model that was made after 1959. These old American classics have seen tough times, but their drivers have found creative ways to keep them up and running through all these years. You can even rent a car on your visits to get a better experience.

White Sandy Beaches

The beautiful Caribbean waters make Cuba a hot spot for beach lovers. But there are so many beaches in the country that none of them are ever really crowded.

The beautiful white sandy beaches are home to many activities that every age class can enjoy. Snorkeling, rowing, swimming, boating, and scuba diving are just some of the fun you can have at these beaches. While you are busy with water sports, the young travelers can play at the beach.

Beautiful Weather

If you love to spend your holidays in a beautiful summer weather, then Cuba is among the best countries. Sure there are a few cold days at the beginning and end of the year, but the temperature mostly stays high, and the sun shines brightly on the days.

If the humidity does get a little too high, the pools, beaches, and air conditioning can fix everything.

The Music and Dance

Cubans have a wide range of music to offer the world. You can enjoy incredible street performances every day while also getting the chance to see famous DJs and bands occasionally. Cuba also has many great music schools all over the country, the graduates of which are excellent musicians. You can see them play in hotels, restaurants, bars, and other places all over Cuba.

Along with music comes dancing, and the Cubans are very passionate dancers. You might see a random group of people come together and perform a fantastic dance routine out of the blue while a musician is playing on the street, but know that it is quite common in Cuba. You can also enjoy lovely performances of rumba, congas, and guaguanco in places all over the country.

Cuban Cigars

The Cuban cigars are known all over the world for being among the best. You can directly buy them from the factories that make them.

If your pockets allow, you can go for the premiums. The Cuban cigar rollers are definitely right there on the top, and their hand-rolled stuff is to die for. So, head down to a Cigar shop down there and get those top-shelf goods.