5 Places You Need to Visit On Your Next Vacation in Japan 

5 Places You Need to Visit On Your Next Vacation in Japan 

Japan is among the most advanced countries in the world, and at the same time, it also displays numerous incredibly beautiful cultural sites.

Going to Japan is like a dream come true for many people, no matter their age. Visitors may go for the anime, festivals, food, history, culture, as well as to see the amazing technology the Japanese have come up with and the many of the magnificent sites.

No matter what your reason to pick Japan as your vacation destination, here are five places that you must visit in Japan.

But before you visit, consider getting a Japan rail pass. It is excellent for visitors to travel around the country, seeing beautiful places might be difficult otherwise.


As the capital of the country, Tokyo has a variety of things for every visitor to experience.

It is the ultramodern part of Japan, which is why you will find plenty of high-rise buildings, up class restaurants, luxurious hotels, and many other fancy places. You will also see fashion that is out of this world, get to eat delicious street food, and get to walk around the busy streets of Tokyo.


Seeing the magnificent Mount Fuji might be on your bucket list, but hiking might not be your strong suit. But it’s nearly impossible to see the entire mountain from the ground unless you are in Hakone.

Visit Lake Ashi in Hakone to see the beautiful Mount Fuji and engage in various water activities. You can also enjoy doing a variety of other things, such as go sightseeing on different fun methods of transport, admiring the beautiful sculptures in the art gallery, or staying in a ryokan.


If you are out for a more traditional experience, then head over to Kyoto. The entire city is filled with wooden teahouses, bamboo forests, various shrines, temples, beautiful gardens, and many other lovely places.

But of course, there are many skyscrapers in downtown Kyoto. You can avoid them and head over to the nearby areas. You can see many traditional houses, stone streets, and many other things representing the Japanese culture in the neighboring regions.


If you are looking to see the traditional side of Japan in a more quiet setting, then Nikko is the place to go. You visit many beautiful temples around the town in a lovely cool weather. Although the famous temples like the Toshogu Shrine might gather a crowd because of its beauty, you can visit many other sites in the town for a peaceful visit.

You can still visit the famous spots early in the day to avoid large crowds. While in Nikko, you should also explore Taiyuinbyo, see the beautiful red Shinkyo Bridge, and eat traditional foods like sushi or dango, among other things.


If you have ever read or heard of World War 2, then you should know about the atomic bomb that was dropped during the war on Hiroshima. Many history lovers visit Hiroshima to get a better understanding of the events that took place many decades ago.

You can see how the entire city was rebuilt, learn about the past, and pay your respects at the Peace Memorial Museum. You can also see many beautiful sights around the city, including the famous tori gate at Itsukushima shrine.