All You Need to Know about CompTIA Network+ Certification and N10-007 Exam

All You Need to Know about CompTIA Network+ Certification and N10-007 Exam

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is the biggest association that represents the international community when it comes to software and hardware products. Its main goal is to give a cohesive voice, worldwide activism, and leadership. It also works to advance industry developments through business and education clarifications, standards, and professional aptitude. The CompTIA association limits to various certifications that will differ in levels and categories.

What Is CompTIA Network+ Certification?

As much as you are interested in the network infrastructure field, the best credential for you is the CompTIA Network+. It will prove that you have mid-level mastery of a networking job. This credential covers a wide area in network design and management, configuration, and troubleshooting as well as maintenance. To get this badge, you need to pass one certification exam, N10-007 by code. With the CompTIA SY0-501 , candidates will learn the various ways of establishing a network that will last for long without any limitations. This will be largely boosted by the ability to find the most uprising questions and technical problems that the network might face. Thus, you will easily configure and troubleshoot the problems related to the installed network and coming up with possible solutions.

What Is Mainly Covered by CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam?

The Network+ certification was first launched in the late 90s and its related exam is always posted online every three years. The most prominent and current Network+ exam (N10-007), was launched back in March 2018. It was introduced to add the most bulbous topics that were not included before. These topics mainly provide network security and resilience. Nowadays there are five domains that this assessment covers, namely:

●       Network concepts and design;

●       Infrastructure;

●       Networking operations;

●       Confidentiality and security;

●       Tools and network troubleshooting.

Who Secures the Network+ Credential?

After the introduction of the Download N10-007 , CompTIA has considered the Network+ badge as the next step in its generation. The A+ credential mostly covers the basics of networking as opposed to the Network+ badge.

The CompTIA Network+ aids in developing a universal career in IT infrastructure that works to troubleshoot, configure, and manage networks. Some skills that the candidates acquire through this initiative include:

●       Designing and executing handy networks;

●       Maintenance and upgrade of indispensable networking devices;

●       Using available gadgets to cope up with network trafficking and designing buoyant networks;

●       Establishing the merits of prevailing network structure;

●       Solving some existing network limitations;

●       Creating a mainframe network router.

This CompTIA certification mainly provides the basics of designing and maintaining a network from its perspective. If you need to advance with your career in networking, you are advised to pursue this badge. The most benefiting jobs that a Network+ candidate will secure are:

▪         System Engineer with the annual pay of $79,835;

▪         Network Supporting Specialist with a salary of $56,621 yearly;

▪         Junior Network Administrator with a median income of $47,640.

What Is Required to Sit for the CompTIA Network+ exam?

To sit for the Network+ test, it does not majorly call for you to cover the previous IT experiences. Conversely, CompTIA highly recommends the candidates to have 9 or 12 months’ experience in the networking field. It is also advisable to have covered the A+ certification, though at times it is not necessary.

For every person who has some experience in the networking field, you will find it easy to tackle the exam questions. Training and exam preparations are also available for those who are not conversant with the networking field.

CompTIA N10-007 Content

N10-007 certification exam is usually based on the ideas of designing and maintaining the dignity of a network system. It takes up to 90 minutes to complete 90 drag and drop, multiple choice, and performance-based questions available. The assessment also covers all questions on troubleshooting and configuration and costs at an average of $329. The passing score is mainly 720 out of the possible 900.

In order to design a network and make it proficient, you need to check the most available CompTIA updates. As many people will agree, the previous content of the already retired exam is not as wide and important as the one for the current Exam-Labs 220-1001 . The new CompTIA N10-007 will help you to easily secure a couple of tasks and jobs in the networking field. It will also give you the best information to create a homegrown network that will work to last and to carry out the most probable connections.

The 90 questions in N10-007 exam are mainly based on designing a network field that can withstand limitations. The network must be maintained and upheld for long time efficiency. Also, this assessment will consider the configuration of the network and troubleshoot the most probable problems. The questions in the main test will also include networking concepts and their implementation in the real-world scenario. Additionally, the infrastructure of the said network will also be tested, especially the devices and cabling. To add-on that, it will include networking security and common attacks related to wired and wireless connections.

Final Verdict

It is always advisable to remember that today the A+ Practice Test has one exam N10-007 that will last for three years. The moment you first receive the credential you need to renew it every three years through the precise CompTIA ongoing education programs. Try this CompTIA Network+ badge and feel the vibe in your area of expertise. All the best!