Leonardo DiCaprio

 Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the hottest young film stars around at the moment. His face has been on the covers of all the top movie and youth magazines over the last few months and he has been the subject of countless articles, rumours and showbiz gossip. Leonardo doesn't like reading about himself because "I read things about me that I've never said in my life and never done". Here are 12 facts about Leonardo DiCaprio but there are some words missing. Read the sentences ONCE only and then look at the list of missing words. Try to decide what each word or phrase refers to and write some sentences of your own. Finally, look back at this page and see how your sentences compare to the answers below.

1- Leonardo DiCaprio was born in Los Angeles on 11 November, 1974. He's a __________.
2.- His full name is Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio. His mother is ___________ and his father Italian-American. They called him Leonardo because when his mother was still pregnant he started kicking while she was standing in front of a painting by __________.
3.- His friends call him __________.
4.- He has a scar from when he was stung by a Portuguese __________.
5.- He has a dog. It's a Rottweiler called __________. The dog has __________.
6.- His parents separated before he was born. Leo grew up in a poor neighbourhood of __________.
7.- At school he was very good at imitating people (especially __________). This made him very popular.
8.- His childhood hero was __________, the Greek god of the sea.
9.- After appearing in TV commercials and episodes of Roseanne, he joined the cast of __________, the TV sitcom starring Kirk Cameron. Leonardo played the part of Luke, a homeless boy.
10. His favourite food is __________. His favourite musician is __________.
11. He played the part of Jim Carroll in The Basketball Diaries. The part was originally going to be played by __________.
12. He cries every time he sees the film __________.

The Missing Words

Hollywood Leo German Scorpio River Phoenix King Kong pasta epilepsy Stevie Wonder Michael Jackson man-of-war Poseidon Leonardo Da Vinci Rocky Growing Pains



1. Scorpio. 2. German / Leonardo Da Vinci.3. Leo. 4. Portuguese.
5. Rocky / epilepsy. 6. Hollywood.
7. Michael Jackson. 8. Poseidon.
9. Roseanne. 10. pasta / Stevie Wonder.
11. River Phoenix. 12. King Kong.

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