iconeassinar.gif (565 bytes)Writing
by Ellek Máthé

Which picture is it about?

  • Give each student a picture (their topic can be anything).
  • Ask them to write a sentence about the picture they have, but in a way so that it shouldn't be very easy to guess which picture the sentence is about. Stress that the sentence must be true.
  • Ask the students to hand their pictures over to their neighbour on the right and write a sentence about their new picture.
  • Continue until everybody's had each picture.
  • Put all the pictures on the wall/board and ask the students to read one of their sentences. If the others can't guess which picture it's about, he/she gets a point.


  • You can also practise grammar with this activity by requiring students to use a certain structure, for example "There is/are ...".



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