Lola's English Page "Vocabulary"

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What your body does

This unit deals with some interesting words used to describe things your body does.
Note: All the verbs on this page are regular (eg: yawn - yawned - yawned) except shake (shook- shaken) and bite (bit - bitten).

A) Verbs connected with the mouth and breathing:

Breathe (respirar): A nurse gave the old man the kiss of life and he started breathing again.
Yawn (bostezar): If one person yawns everybody else seems to start too.
Cough (toser): It was so smoky in the room that he couldn't stop caughing.
Sneeze (estornudar): Dust often makes me sneeze.
Sigh (suspirar): She sighed with relief when she heard his plane had landed safely.
Hiccough (sorber): Some people say that drinking out of the wrong side of a cup can help to stop you hiccoughing.
Snore (roncar): She snored
all night with her mouth wide open.

B) Verbs connected with eyes and face:

Blink (parpadear / pestaņear): She blinked several times to try and get the dust out of her eye.
Wink (guiņar): He winked at me across the room to try and make me laugh.
Frown (fruncir el ceņo): Why are you frowning? What's the problem?
Grin (expresar con una sonrisa): She was so delighted that she grinned from ear to ear.
Blush (sonrojarse): He blushed with embarrassment when she smiled at him.

C) Verbs connected with eating and digestion:

Chew (masticar): My granny used to say you should chew every mouthful ten times.
Swallow (tragar): Take a drink of water to help you swallow the pills.
Suck (chupar): You're too old to suck your thumb!
Lick (lamer): After having a meal, the cat licked herself clean.
Bite (morder): He always bites his nails when he's nervous.

D) Verbs connected with the whole body:

Perspire / sweat (transpirar / sudar): When it's hot you sweat/ perspire. (perspire is more formal).
Tremble (temblar): My hands tremble when I've been drinking too much coffee.
Shiver (escalofrio / temblar): Look at him! He's so cold that he's shivering!
Shake (sacudir): She laughed so much that her whole body shook.