Lola's English Page Vocabulary


A) Feelings

Noun                              Adjective                   Translation

love                                     lovely                      amar
hate                                     hateful                      odiar
happiness                           happy                       felicidad   
sadness                              sad                           tristeza
anger                                   angry                        enfado
fear                                      afraid (of)                 miedo
pride                                    proud (of)                 orgullo
jealousy                               jelous (of)                 celos
embarrassment                  embarrassed            avergonzarse

B)  Ways of....

Ways of speaking

Whisper (v,n) (= speak very quietly)
Shout (v,n) (= speak in a loud voice)

Ways of looking

stare (v,n) ( = look at someone / something in a fixed way for a long time)
glance (v,n) (= look at someone or something very quickly)

Ways of walking

stroll (v,n) (= walk in a slow casual way)
march (= walk quickly and with a clear purpose / reason)