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Describing people: Character II

Level: Advanced. 

D) One person's meat in another person's poison

Some characteristics can be either positive or negative depending on your point of view. The words in the right-hand column mena roughly the same as the words in the left-hand column except that they have negative rather than positive connotations.

Determined obstinate, stubborn, pig-headed.

Thrifty/economical miserly, mean, tight-fisted.

Self-assured self-important, arrogant, full of oneself.

Assertive aggressive, bossy (colloquial)

Original pecualiar, weird, eccentric, odd.

Frank/direct/open blunt, abrupt, brusque, curt.

Broad-minded unprincipled, permissive.

Inquiring inquisitive, nosy (colloquial)

Generous extravagant.

Innocent naive.

Ambitious pushy (colloquial) 

Exercice: Do the following exercice and check your answers below.

Match these words with their opposites.

1 clever introverted

2 extroverted tight-fisted

3 rude courteous

4 cruel gregarious

5 generous kind-hearted

6 unsociable halfd-witted.


  1. clever- half-witted3 rude - courteous5 generous - tight-fisted
  2. extroverted-introverted4 cruel - kind-hearted 6 unsociable - greagarious

Bibliography: English Vocabulary in Use. CUP. Michael MacCarthy, Felicity O'Dell.

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