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Today in History for January 26, 2000

Brazil, India

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1905 Cullinan diamond was discovered.

1962 Ranger III lifted off from Cape Canaveral.

1959 "Alcoa Presents" premiered on ABC-TV.

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January 26, 1500

Spanish navigator Vicente Yanes Pinzon was the first European to land

near the site of present-day Recife, in Brazil's northeast. Given

that the newly found territory fell within the region assigned to

Portugal by a Spanish-Portuguese treaty, Spain made no territorial

claims. Portuguese explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral arrived to Brazil in

April 1500 and claimed the region in the name of Portugal.

Vicente Pinzon came from a distinguished family of explorers: 

January 26, 1950

India was formally proclaimed a republic within the British

Commonwealth. Rajendra Prasat, India's first president, remained in

power until 1962. A follower of Gandhi, he appointed Jawaharlal

Nehru as prime minister who aimed to make India a democratic

socialist state, tolerant of all religions.

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