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Today in History for March 17, 2000

Saint Patrick, Vanguard 1

Previously featured events for March 17th:

1910 Luther and Charlotte Gulick founded the Camp Fire Girls.

1941 Pres. Roosevelt dedicated the National Gallery of Art.

1969 Golda Meir assumed the post of Israeli Prime Minister.

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 March 17, 1737

The first recorded US celebration of Saint Patrick, the patron saint

of Ireland, took place in Boston. Despite conflicting versions

surrounding his life, St. Patrick is believed to have been born in

Britain at the end of the 14th century, and taken prisoner to Ireland

by Irish pirates. He eventually escaped and, after becoming

Catholic, decided to return to Ireland to Christianize it.

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 March 17, 1958

After a first failed attempt, the US satellite Vanguard 1 was finally

launched with great success. The first solar-powered satellite,

Vanguard 1 established the "pear shape" of the Earth, that is, it

showed that the planet is elongated around the North Pole and

flattened around the South Pole.

Vanguard 1 was a small sphere of 6.4 inches (16.5 cm) and four




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