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This is a nationality quizz, all you have to do is choose the right answer for each question and then, once you finish, just check your answer below. Good luck and go for it!

1) People from Canada are called
a. Canuks
b. Canadians
c. Canadites

2) People from India are
a. Indies
b. Hindus
c. Indians

3) He's from Germany. He is
a. German
b. Germany
c. Dutch

4) She lives in Argentina. She speaks
a. Argentinian
b. Spanish
c. Portugese

5) She lives in Argentinia. She is
a. Argentinian
b. Argentese
c. Argentonian

6) People in Israel are
a. Jewish
b. Israeli
c. Hebrew

7) People from Israel speak
a. Jewish
b. Israeli
c. Hebrew

8) People in Hong Kong speak English and
a. Hangul
b. Cantonese
c. Mandarin

9) People in Macau speak Cantonese and
a. Spanish
b. English
c. Portugese

10) People from Ireland are
a. Irish
b. English
c. Irelandish

ANSWERS: 1 b - 2 c - 3 a - 4 b - 5 a - 6 b - 7b c - 8 b - 9 c - 10 a

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