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Matching Quiz of Commonly-Heard Proverbs

Match the numbers with the letters and make sense of the following proverbs. Then you can check your answers below.

1. Something is better
2. Fear is stronger
3. Prevention is better
4. Goodness is better
5. Easier said

a. than done.
b. than love.
c. than nothing.
d. than beauty.
e. than cure.



Easier said than done.
Spanish: Es más fácil decirlo que hacerlo.

Fear is stronger than love.
Spanish: El miedo es más fuerte que el amor.

Something is better than nothing.
Spanish: Mejor algo que nada.

Goodness is better than beauty.
Spanish: La bondad es mejor que la belleza.

Prevention is better than cure.
Spanish: Más vale prevenir que curar.