its-online R.E.M.

Michael Stipe, Peter Buck, Mike Mills, and Bill Berry are all members of R.E.M., one of the biggest bands on the planet. How much do you know about R.E.M.? Try this quiz and then check your answers below.

1. The letters R.E.M. stand for

a Rock Energy Machine
b Rapid Eye Movement
c Rich Egocentric Musicians 

2. The group comes from

a Athens
b Seattle
c Atlanta

3. The band members all met while they were

a attending college
b doing military service
c waiting for a bus 

4. They played their very first concert on April 5th 1980 in a

a school hall
b slaughterhouse
c church 

5. Their first album was called

a Murmur
b Murder
c Monster 

6. Stipe doesn't talk much about his family but acknowledges that his father had a career in

a plumbing
b the army
c teaching

7. Bill and Pete have a pact to play a concert on New Year's Eve 1999, give an encore after midnight and then

a finish the band
b commit suicide
c give all their money to Greenpeace

Answers: 1 b - 2 a - 3 a - 4 c - 5 a - 6 b - 7 a