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Instructions: Complete each of the 10 sentences with a suitable word or selection. In text boxes, type just ONE word. Use capital letters only where appropriate. Each correct answer gets 10 points. Can you score 100%? 

1. George Washington ................ the first President of the United States.

a)    is

b)    was

c)    will be

2. He said I looked tired and asked me if I

a)   did .

b)   would

c) will like to sit down.

3. My grandfather will be a hundred next year. He was

a) born

b) dead in 1899

c) married

4. You can't see the garden from the street because it's

a) in front of

b) under

c) behind the house.

5. I've spent all my money. I can't buy

a) no more

b) anything

c) nothing else.

6. He went out in the rain and ................. a nasty cold.

7. They lent him $8 and he's paid back half. So now he

a) must

b) needs them $4

c) owes

8. My doctor says I .................. smoke. It's bad for the health.

9. Her boyfriend left her, but she soon got

a) over

b) past it.

c) round

10. The best thing for a hangover is to go to bed and sleep it

a) away

b) off

c) over .

ANSWERS: 1 was, 2 would, 3 born, 4 behind, 5 anything, 6 caught 7 owes, 8 shouldn't (or mustn't), 9 over, 10 off.