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Improve Your English (I)

Read a Book

A "reader" is a book that has been written (or adapted) for students. You’ll find a large selection of titles for all language levels including yours! Readers often contain vocabulary notes and exercises to test your comprehension. A reader is a good way to start reading in another language before you tackle the complete works of Charles Dickens. If your school has a library then ask your teacher to recommend an appropriate book. Alternatively, find out if there is a specialised book shop near where you live.

Buy a Magazine

If you have a particular interest then it is very probable that there’s a magazine in English related to your interest. Reading in English about a subject that interests you is a perfect way to improve your understanding of the language in general and language related to your area of interest. There are magazines about football, fishing, computers, cinema, music, science . . . . . If you live in a major city or tourist area then visit a large kiosk to see what’s on offer. Apart from the regular magazines, there are also magazines created specifically for students of English. Apart from iT’s Magazine, the bi-monthly magazine that we produce, there are several other specialised magazines.

Open a Newspaper

Try reading a newspaper in English but be warned! Many British newspapers use a unique style of English that is difficult for the learner to understand. British newspapers love to play with words. Reading articles and headlines and trying to understand what they mean can often be a traumatic experience!

Listen to the Radio

Look at your radio. It can probably receive FM and medium-wave (OM) broadcasts. But can it receive short-wave? If it can then you can listen to BBC World Service radio. The World Service broadcasts programmes for everyone about everything. There are programmes about music, sport, science, news, astronomoy . . . .

Frequencies change during the day so keep searching. You can also receive BBC World Service 24 hours a day (and many other radio stations) on satellite in some parts of the world if you have a TV satellite receiver (see satellite section for more information). The BBC also broadcasts some 15-minute radio programmes specifically for students and teachers of English. For more information about broadcasts and the BBC English magazine, write to: Kate Berry, BBC English, PO Box 76, Bush House, Strand, London.

Go to the Cinema

How many cinemas near you show films in English? If you are lucky enough to live near one then see as many films as you can. Not only will your English improve but you will be able to hear what your favourite actors really sound like.


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