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With Class

People often joke about citizens in Eastern European countries flying with animals on the planes. When I was visiting a small country in that part of the continent I had the option to upgrade to first class. I looked at the brochure that didn't note any differences between coach and first class, so I asked the attendant what the difference was. The attendant responded, "In first class the stewards clean up after the animals. In coach, you have to." 

Funny Captains

In Boston our flight was delayed at the terminal for about an hour. When the plane finally taxied onto the runway the captain came on the intercom to apologize. Making light of the issue, he said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to apologize for the delay. It is crucial to the company that we provide the same service to all of our customers. The ground crew was on break and we had to wait for them to return to insure that the right number of bags were sent to the wrong location." 

Take Out

I had an offer from a large company and they offered to fly me out to the meeting on business class. During the return flight we were given gourmet brownies and cookies. Not hungry, I decided to save them for later, so I placed them in a vomit bag. After the plane landed I got up to leave and a stewardess approached me.
She asked, "Sir, would you like for me to dispose of that for you?"
I said, "No thanks, I'm saving it for my kids."


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