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Beatles Mini-Biography II

Richard Starkey(Ringo Starr) July 7, 1940-
John Winston Lennon October 9, 1940-December 8, 1980
Sir James Paul McCartney June 18, 1942-
George Harrison February 25, 1943-

In 1965, Queen Elizabeth II included the Beatles on her birthday honors list of that year. She awarded them Most Excellent Member of the British Empire (MBE) awards. In August of that year, their second film, Help! was released. Along with that, they kept touring and put out two albums and four singles that year.

By the end of 1965, the Beatles grew tired of touring because the fans screamed so loud that no one could hear them play. They couldn't even hear themselves play. It was also around this time that the Beatles experimented with their music, with Rubber Soul. The song "Norwegian Wood" was the first pop song to use a sitar, and they lyrics in "In My Life" helped to make the album experimentive.

By 1966, the Beatles decided to quit touring. They didn't stop making music, though. Before their break-up, they made five more albums and eight more singles, one of which became their biggest hit.

In 1967, the Beatles made Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. That may very well be their most famous album. It was also experimentive. Instead of simple songs with catchy phrases, there were obvious overdubs and complex lyrics in theor songs. The Beatles released "Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane", their first single that didn't go to number one since "Love Me Do".

It was around this time that problems started to come up. The Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein, died. The Beatles started a record company, Apple, but weren't interrested in running it. A new manager, Allen Klien was appointed, but not everyone liked him.

In 1969 the Beatles made another album, Let it Be. They also made a documentary film showing the making of the album. Both weren't released until 1970. That same year, the Beatles made their last album, Abbey Road, which was their biggest-selling album.

Around this time, the Beatles started going their own ways. They were making their own albums and only getting together when they had to. Paul did not get along with Allen Klien. Personal problems also helped to break them up. Finally, Paul took legal action to force the other Beatles to berak up. For a long time, fans hoped that the Beatles would get back together. But all those hopes ended on December 8, 1980, when John Lennon was killed in New York.

In 1995, however, the three surviving Beatles fixed up two of Lennon's unfinished songs from the late 70's. They put voice overdubs and instruments on the songs. These songs were called "Free as a Bird" and "Real Love" and appear on Anthology I and II. They also released a third Anthology.

The Beatles were leaders in music during ther 60's. They introduced new ideas to the world. No other group or musician was as well-loved as the Beatles during their years together.

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