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Paul McCartney

If John Lennon was the soul of The Beatles, Paul McCartney was the group's heart. Forever a romantic, Paul first passion was the ballad and the love song. He created a wide range of songs that dealt with love found and love lost.
Paul McCartney appeared to us as the lost innocent, his angelic looks and baby face promising us that he was pure and honest. His was an image that we could trust. He seemed untouched by the agonies and hatred of the world we knew outside our door. Most importantly, his art took us away from the cruelties of the word, and we fantasized about being just with him, as his best friend or the girl he offered undying love.
Had a magic about him, an allure that was both mysterious and wonderful, seductive and frightening.

 Quick Facts

  • Paul was born on June 18, 1942 in Liverpool, England.
  • His father's name was James and his mother's name was Mary.
  • His mother was a devout Catholic, but his father described himself as an agnostic.
  • He had one younger brother, Peter Michael.
  • Paul and his brother Michael were very different. Paul was the quiet one, while Michael was more aggressive and loved to argue.
  • Paul once got 90% in high school Latin and was an above average student.
  • Paul met George Harrison on a bus to school.
  • Paul has dark brown hair and brown eyes.
  • Paul is about 5' 11" and weighs about 160 pounds.
  • Paul's favourite color is blue.
  • Paul's favourite singers were Elvis and Little Richard.
  • Paul once did a mean impersonation of Little Richard.
  • Paul's first musical instrument was the trumpet, given to him by an uncle.
  • Paul's first guitar cost about $35, but Paul couldn't play it. He realised that the problem was that he was left handed. So he took it back and got it altered.
  • Paul had a busy sex life, beginning at the age of 15.
  • Paul was originally the lead guitar player for The Quarrymen, and only began playing bass guitar after Stuart Sutcliffe quit the group.
  • At one point, Paul lived only about a mile away from John's Aunt Mimi's residence.
  • Paul was somewhat possessive in his relationship with Jane Asher, a character trait that led to many arguments.
  • But it was Jane Asher who introduced Paul to culture and had him attending theatre and art exhibits.
  • Paul was engaged to Jane Asher in December, 1967.
  • Paul left Jane Asher for Linda Eastman in December, 1968.
  • Paul married Linda Eastman in March, 1969.
  • Paul and Linda have four children, one from Linda's first marriage.
  • Paul wrote "Hey Jude" for Julian Lennon after John's divorce from Cynthia. The original title was "Hey Julian."
  • Paul produced an album for his brother, entitled McGear, and Michael McCartney became Mike McGear.
  • Since John's death, Paul has been very cautious about his personal safety and has round the clock security.
  • During the filming of Let It Be, Paul got into several arguments with George, leading to one instance when George stormed out of Abbey Road studios.
  • It was Paul who finalized the break up of The Beatles, saying he was quitting the band because of "musical differences."