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Conversation Questions
Food & Eating (II)


  1. Do you eat beef?

    Sueles comer ternera?

  2. Do you eat bread every day?

    Comes pan cada día?

  3. Do you eat breakfast every day?

    Tomas el desayuno cada día?

  4. Do you eat fruit every day?

    Comes fruta cada día?

  5. Do you eat lunch at school every day?

    Comes en la escuela cada día?

  6. Do you eat rice every day?

    Comes arroz cada día?

  7. Do you have coffee for breakfast?

    Tomas café en el desayuno?

  8. Do you know someone who struggles with an eating disorder?

    Conoces a alguien que tenga problemas de desorden alimentario?

  9. Do you like British food?

    Te gusta la comida Britanica?

  10. Do you like Chinese food? Why or why not? Do you like Japanese food?

    Te gusta la comida China? Porqué sí o no? Te gusta la comida Japonesa?

  11. What kind of Japanese food do you like?

    Qué tipo de comida Japonesa te gusta?

  12. Do you like food from other countries? If yes, which do you like the most?

    Te gusta la comida de otros países? Sí es así, cuál te gusta más?